Break through your existing Self-Constraints

Everyone can achieve whatever they set their mind to once they break through their self-constraints. Once people find ways to remove obstacles, they live and work to their greatest potential

About Me

John Azzo

Coach, Facilitator, and Founder
Transforming personal and professional relationships

I am a Personal Development Coach, ICF PCC Credentialed, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, CBT & REBT Practitioner, DISC Behavioral Coach.

I am originally from Lebanon, the experience gained over two decades as an executive within the trading and manufacturing industries and 14 years in China has allowed me to work with individuals and corporates, supporting them to navigate challenges in business, intercultural communication, and dealing with demanding situations in complex environments using his vast toolkit of coaching models and behavioral psychology; my philosophy is to ensure his clients obtain clarity and “get stuff done.”


As an expat in China, I also have first-hand experience in developing resilience in a cross-cultural environment and managing complex personal and business relationships, which allows me to relate and empathize with clients who face similar challenges.

I started my coaching journey driven by a need to challenge my beliefs and wanting to explore more areas of self-development. Through my training and experience, I learned how to achieve a better understanding of myself and leverage my strengths and skills. In addition, I also deepened my drive to help others create a big impact on their life and achieve whatever they set their mind to.

Now, I partner with individuals and teams in global corporations, empowering them to cultivate self-awareness, improve well-being, nurture meaningful connections, and harness strengths for triumph in both personal and professional areas through coaching, mentoring, and facilitating growth programs.

What Services I'm Providing

Interactive Workshops

Online and offline workshops, active learning-based sessions, focused on knowledge transfer, acquiring new skills, practice and constructive feedback.

Tailored Trainings

Facilitated discussions focused on exploring crucial topics and aimed at creating practical action steps to success.

Individual Coaching

1-on 1 (online or offline) personalized self-development journey for entrepreneurs , directors, team leaders and professionals to improve performance through dedicated sessions, accountability check-ins and self-work.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focuses on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. In coaching, it is believed that every person has potential inside them and it is the coach that can help you draw this latent ability out.